His Awards

Grammy Awards:

Best Gospel Performance
Jessy Dixon, "Hello Sunshine," Savoy Records

Best Gospel Performance
Jessy Dixon, "He Ain't Heavy," Savoy Records

Best Soul Gospel Performance
Jessy Dixon, "Born Again" Light Records

Best Soul Gospel Performance, Contemporary
Jessy Dixon, "Push For Excellence," Myrrh Records

Best Gospel Performance, Traditional
Jessy Dixon, "Jesus is Alive and Well," Light Records/Lexicon

Best Gospel Performance, Male
Jessy Dixon "Sanctuary," Power Disc/Benson

Best Soul Gospel Performance, Male
Jessy Dixon, "The Winning Side," Power Disc/Benson


Record World:
"Top Male Gospel Soul and Spiritual"

"We Give You Praise," featuring, "I Am Redeemed"

Stellar Award:
Best Solo Performance, "I Know What Prayer Can Do"

Dove Award - Gospel Music Association
"Album Of The Year: "Destined To Win"

Rev. James Cleveland Award:
"Ecc. Music Workshop"

Dove Award
"Album of the Year - "It's Alright Now"

Gold Records:

"Live Rhymin," / Paul Simon
Jesus is The Answer (Columbia Records)

"Still Crazy After All These Years," / Paul Simon
Gone at Last (Columbia Records)

I Cannot Fail The Lord
Sit At His Feet and Be Blessed (Savoy Records)

A Child of God (Savoy Records)

I AM Redeemed (Ambassador Records)


Ordained Minister

OrdainedMinister2.jpgJessy Dixon resides in Crete, IL., and fellowships with Faith Tabernacle Church in Chicago. However , Jessy is a minister of the Gospel. In 1982, the General Presbytry of Calvary Ministries Inc., ordained him as a minister of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Calvary Ministries Inc., International is an international fellowship of churches and ministries. There are over four hundred ordained ministers in C.M.I.. There are one hundred fifty churches in the continental United States that are a part of this fellowship; and there are several hundred churches on foreign soil that are members of the Global Division, of Calvary Ministries Inc., International.

We Respect and honor the ministry of Jessy Dixon and can testify that down through these years, he has lived an exemplary life and brought great and rich blessings to the people. I commend him to the work of the ministry.





Dr. Paul E. Paino Founder/Overseer Calvary Temple Worship Center

International Ambassador


Heralded worldwide as the undisputed King Of Gospel Music, Chicago, IL. Native, Jessy Dixon has made a history.

As of Jan. 1, 1999, Jessy Dixon was proclaimed as the Gospel singer who has done more concerts in Europe and Scandinavia than any one else. Having done more than 400 concerts in Scandinavia alone. The International Press congratulates Jessy Dixon as Gospel Music, International Ambassador.

Some of the countries where Jessy Dixon has performed are:

usaclr_cg32.gif austriaCLR_cg33.gif belgiumCLR_cg33.gif bermuda_clr.gif canada_clr_bf24.gif denmarkCLR_cg30.gif irelandCLR_cg31.gif
USA Austria Belgium Bermuda Canada Denmark Ireland
israelCLR_cg32.gif italyCLR_bf32.gif japanCLR_cg31.gif netherlandsCLR_cg31.gif new_zelandCLR_cg30.gif polandCLR_cg31.gif romaniaCLR_cg32.gif
Israel Italy Japan Netherlands New Zeland Poland Romania
spainCLR_cg30.gif sweedenCLR_cg27.gif ukclr.gif germanyclr_cg32.gif norwayclr.gif kenyaclr_cg33.gif indiaclr_cg33.gif
Spain Sweden UK Germany Norway Kenya India

A Life of Triumph

Jessy Dixon is a man who is living a life of triumph. He’ll be the first to admit that he is a blessed individual. At a point in his career when many would simply rest on past laurels, Dixon is an individual who recognizes that there is still more work to be done and more lives to touch and reach with the Gospel.

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